2015年成立于中国杭州,旗下有精品咖啡品牌Ceremorning, 与艺术设计品牌Random Play。我们专注于精品咖啡产品及线下服务,辅以设计的语言传递coffee connects people的理念。 我们也不断发掘来自国内外的独立创作者,为公众推介美的日用器物、艺术作品。

Random was founded in 2015, aiming to become a versatile space of art and coffee During the last few years, we have introduced independent design brands to our store, cooperated with talented people from different areas, and organized art exhibitions and events regularly. Meanwhile, we offer specialty coffee services and products under the brand, Ceremorning. We keep our focus on constantly looking for a better way of lifestyle.

As the brand name ‘Random’ indicates, we think out of box and anticipate tiny surprise and happiness in the surroundings, just like trees growing in the nature, without limitations.

Random旗下咖啡品牌。我们提供优质稳定的精品咖啡产品,及线下空间体验。我们寻找来自世界各地的优质生豆,辅以设计的语言,传递coffee connects people的品牌理念。

Random Play作为器物买手店及社区美术馆,寻找并呈现来自 世界各地的艺术作品,同时以实体空间为载体,为年轻创作者 提供平台,不定期策划独立展览与分享活动。